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Plus, can AI make COVID the last pandemic?

Humane’s AI Pin: The $699 Smartphone Without a Screen

Humane, a company that advocates for a world after smartphones, is about to release its first device, the AI Pin. Priced at $699, this wearable smartphone doesn’t have a screen but offers a $24-a-month subscription fee. The device runs on a Humane version of T-Mobile’s network and provides access to AI models from Microsoft and OpenAI. The AI Pin is a square device that magnetically clips to clothes, acting not only as a magnet but also a battery pack. It uses sensors to track and record its surroundings. Interactions with the device are primarily voice-based, but there are also gesture and projection capabilities. 

Hollywood Actors’ Record-Breaking Strike Ends, AI in the Spotlight

After a grueling 118-day strike, SAG-AFTRA has finally reached a deal with the AMPTP. The strike, which mainly revolved around the use of AI in actors’ performances and demands for fair residual payments for streaming content, has had a significant impact on the entertainment industry. This breakthrough deal not only sets a precedent for actors’ future negotiations but also raises questions about the use of AI and its effect on various industries.

Xi Jinping Urges Global Unity to Tackle AI Challenges and Cyber Development

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a pre-recorded speech at the World Internet Conference Summit, emphasizing the need for international cooperation in addressing the risks associated with AI. He highlighted the importance of deepening exchanges and cooperation to advance the development of cyberspace and build a community with a shared future. While advocating for the benefits of internet development reaching more countries and people, President Xi also emphasized the importance of respecting cyber sovereignty and each country’s internet development and governance mode. 

No More Trickery: Meta Cracks Down on AI in Political Ads

Meta has announced a new policy that will require political campaigns to disclose their use of AI in advertisements. The policy aims to increase transparency and combat the spread of disinformation in political advertising. Starting next year, political advertisers will need to disclose any digital creations or alterations made through the use of AI. The 2024 presidential election will serve as an important test for this policy, as AI-enabled image modifiers and fake accounts have become prevalent on social media platforms. 

EVEscape: The AI Model That Could Make COVID the Last Pandemic

Scientists at Harvard Medical School have developed a groundbreaking AI model called EVEscape that can predict how viruses mutate. By feeding the model with the original genome sequence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, EVEscape accurately predicted the majority of mutations that would occur during the pandemic. The model has also shown success in predicting changes in other viruses like Lassa, Nipah, influenza, and HIV. This AI breakthrough raises hopes that with the help of AI, pandemics can be prevented in the future. By monitoring potential pandemics and aiding in the design of vaccines, AI has the potential to make pandemics a thing of the past.


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