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Plus, China Ensures That Their Bots Will Be Good Little Socialists

China’s AI Regulations Could Disrupt the Global Chatbot Market

China has released new regulations aimed at ensuring that AI technology, specifically chatbots like ChatGPT, align with the country’s socialist ideology. The Chinese government’s tight control over information has previously restricted the growth of its AI industry. Although Chinese companies have made strides in developing surveillance AI technologies like facial recognition, they have lagged behind their American counterparts in other areas, particularly generative AI. The regulations come as a means to catch up and assert control over the development and use of AI technology within the country. The move highlights China’s ongoing efforts to strike a balance between technological advancement and socialist principles. By imposing these regulations, the Chinese government aims to ensure that AI aligns with the country’s ideological framework and serves the interests of the socialist society.

How AI Could Disrupt Education, Creativity, and Critical Thinking

AI is rapidly changing the way we learn, create, and think. AI-powered tutors can provide personalized instruction, AI-generated content can help us learn new skills, and AI-enabled tools can help us think more critically. However, there are also concerns that AI could lead to the deskilling of workers, the erosion of creativity, and the spread of misinformation.

SAG-AFTRA Strikes Against AI Image Rights

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) has announced a strike against AI image rights. The strike is in response to the growing use of AI to create synthetic images of actors. SAG-AFTRA argues that these images violate the union’s members’ right to control their likeness.

AI Could Help Reduce Fentanyl Shipped Into the U.S., DHS Says

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has said that AI could help reduce the amount of fentanyl shipped into the United States. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid often smuggled into the country through Mexico. AI could be used to identify fentanyl shipments at ports of entry and to track the flow of fentanyl through the supply chain.

Why AI Detectors Think AI Wrote the U.S. Constitution

A team of researchers has found that AI detectors are more likely to think that AI wrote the U.S. Constitution than a human. The researchers believe that this is because the Constitution is a well-structured document that is easy for AI to understand. However, the researchers also warn that this could lead to AI detectors being fooled by fake documents designed to look like AI wrote them.

The Last Word on AI and the Atom Bomb

There are parallels between the creation and use of nuclear bombs and the development of AI technology. Many scientists and researchers involved in AI development are sounding the alarm, expressing concerns about the destructive power of AI and the possibility of human extinction. They call for a pause in the development of AI technology and the implementation of safety measures such as a kill switch or a system that prevents harm from occurring. Humans may not be prepared to handle the consequences of advancements in AI.

MIT’s FrameDiff Generative AI Imagines New Protein Structures That Could Transform Medicine

Researchers at MIT have developed a new generative AI model called FrameDiff that can imagine new protein structures. Protein structures are essential for understanding how proteins function and interact with other molecules. FrameDiff could be used to design new drugs and develop new disease treatments.

Elon Musk Says Digital Superintelligence Could Exist in 5-6 Years

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has said that digital superintelligence could exist in 5-6 years. Musk believes that AI could pose an existential threat to humanity without being developed carefully. He has called for a global moratorium on AI research until we can better understand the risks.

Stability AI Releases Stable Doodle, a Sketch-to-Image Tool

Stability AI has released a new sketch-to-image tool called Stable Doodle. Stable Doodle uses AI to turn sketches into realistic images. The tool is still under development but has already been used to create impressive images.

Alphabet Shares Soar After It Expands AI Chatbot Internationally

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has announced that it is expanding its AI chatbot internationally. The chatbot, LaMDA, is currently available in the United States but will soon be available in other countries. LaMDA is designed to help people with tasks such as booking appointments, making travel arrangements, and getting customer service.

Crawlers, Search Engines, and Generative AI Companies

The rise of generative AI is significantly impacting the search engine industry. Generative AI can be used to create fake content that can fool search engines. This is leading to a growing problem of fake news and misinformation. Search engines are working to address this problem, but it is challenging.




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