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Plus, Google creates fake gifts to help people choose real gifts.

CarePod: The Future of Healthcare or a High-Tech Nightmare?

Adrian Aoun of health tech startup Forward envisions a future where doctor’s offices are replaced by AI-powered CarePods. The company has raised $100 million in funding to bring metallic kiosks, equipped with large screens and robotic voices, to malls across the US. For a monthly fee of $99, customers can perform automated check-ups on themselves and have licensed medical professionals interpret the results remotely. While Aoun believes this technology will revolutionize the healthcare industry and make it more accessible, critics argue that removing human interaction can overlook key patient concerns and hinder comprehensive diagnoses. Will CarePods be the future of healthcare or simply “jukebox medicine”?

Microsoft Introduces AI Chips to Compete with Nvidia and Intel

Microsoft has revealed its Maia 100 AI chip and Cobalt 100 Arm chip, bringing competition to Nvidia’s graphics processing units and Intel processors, respectively. Microsoft plans to make virtual machine instances running on the Cobalt chips commercially available through its Azure cloud service in 2024. Meanwhile, the Maia 100 chip is undergoing performance tests on Microsoft projects like Bing Chat and GitHub Copilot.

Find the Perfect Gift with Google’s Fake AI

Google is utilizing AI to enhance the online shopping experience. The company’s Search Generative Experience provides users with a range of new features to help them find unique and personalized gifts. By generating gift ideas and fashion items using AI, Google aims to make online shopping more interesting and efficient. Additionally, users will soon be able to create photorealistic images of desired apparel by providing text descriptions.

Unity 6 Set to Revolutionize Game Development with AI-Powered Innovations

Unity, the leading game engine and monetization platform has announced that its Unity 6 platform will be launched in 2024, introducing AI innovations and platform updates. The recent Unite developer conference highlighted the early access availability of Unity Muse, an AI-powered suite that streamlines content creation. Unity 6 promises advanced visual enhancements, accelerated multiplayer game creation, AI support, and mobile and VR device innovations. Unity also introduced Unity Cloud, a suite of interconnected tools, and announced open beta access for Apple Vision Pro development. 

Google DeepMind Says Its New Artificial Intelligence Tool Can Predict Which Genetic Variants Are Likely to Cause Disease

Google’s DeepMind lab has developed an AI tool called AlphaMissense that can predict whether missense variants in DNA will likely cause disease. In a recent study published in the journal Science, Google engineers generated a catalog of 71 million potential missense variants with 89% of these classified as benign or pathogenic; most of these implications would have been undetectable using traditional methods. This development shows Google’s engagement in finding healthcare solutions; genetic sequences can eventually serve as biomarkers to help laboratories make faster diagnoses and provide earlier patient care.


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