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Plus, AI to be embedded in iOS 18

Biden and Xi to Join Forces: Pledging to Ban AI in Autonomous Weapons and Nuclear Warhead Control

Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping are expected to announce a groundbreaking agreement to ban the use of AI in autonomous weaponry, such as drones, as well as in the control and deployment of nuclear warheads. The potential dangers of AI have become a major concern for both the US and China, leading them to address these issues during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in San Francisco. The ban aims to regulate the use of AI technology, ensuring it does not contribute to conflicts or threats to global security. AI’s shortcomings so far have emphasized the need to keep human involvement in crucial command and control systems, especially in nuclear operations. 

iOS 18 to Introduce Gen AI and More

Apple is gearing up for the release of iOS 18, the next major update to its operating system, with plans to bring exciting new features and enhancements. In an effort to entice customers, Apple is focusing on software upgrades instead of hardware for the iPhone 16. A key highlight of iOS 18 could be the implementation of generative AI, which will allow Apple to compete with industry leaders like Google and OpenAI. The upcoming operating system is being described as “ambitious and compelling” by Apple executives. To ensure top-notch quality, Apple’s head of software engineering decided to pause development work on new features, allowing the company to debug and improve performance. 

Unmasking Executives: Investors Turn to AI for the Real Story

Investors are turning to AI to get a better understanding of executives’ statements. As executives often use soothing words to downplay negative information or risks during earnings calls, investors are looking for ways to cut through the noise and extract the real message. AI technology can analyze tone and word choice to identify hidden meanings or contradictions in executives’ statements. By using AI, investors hope to gain valuable insights into the true state of companies and make more informed investment decisions. This innovative approach allows investors to go beyond surface-level analysis and uncover the underlying truths behind executives’ words.

Powerful Chip Inspired by Human Brain Promises Efficient AI Performance

A revolutionary chip technology is in development that integrates data storage and processing, offering enhanced efficiency and performance. Designed with inspiration from the human brain, these chips have the potential for applications in generative AI, deep learning algorithms, and robotics. Led by Professor Hussam Amrouch at the Technical University of Munich, the chip uses ferroelectric field effect transistors for calculations and data storage. The innovative architecture saves time, and energy, and significantly boosts chip performance. The goal is to create market-ready chips within three to five years that meet industry security standards. The collaboration between Bosch, Fraunhofer IMPS, and GlobalFoundries aims to develop chipsets for real-world applications, revolutionizing industries like automotive and aerospace.

DC Faces the Highest Job Losses to AI in the US, Study Finds

Washington, D.C., is at the highest risk of losing jobs to AI compared to any other region in the United States, according to a study by the job search engine Salarship. With its high concentration of bureaucrats, the nation’s capital stands to lose nearly one-third of its positions to AI. Other areas facing significant job losses include Puerto Rico, Florida, Delaware, and Arizona. The study ranks states and territories based on both the number and percentage of jobs vulnerable to AI automation. D.C.’s large number of office and administrative employees have been identified as particularly at risk.


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