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Plus Tokyo Launches AI Dating App To Encourage More Marriages

Meta’s new goal: Build AGI

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta (formerly Facebook), has revealed his ambition to develop artificial general intelligence (AGI). Earlier this year, Meta moved its AI research group, FAIR, closer to the team building generative AI products across its apps to harness AI breakthroughs for its billions of users. Zuckerberg acknowledges that the battle for AI talent is intense and that computing power is scarce. However, he claims that Meta has built up a larger capacity for generative AI than any other individual company, with plans to acquire over 340,000 of Nvidia’s H100 GPUs by the end of this year. Zuckerberg sees AGI as a gradual process. Meta’s focus on AGI has been influenced by the release of Llama 2, its large language model, which is now being succeeded by Llama 3 with code-generating capabilities.

Tokyo’s Launches Taxpayer-funded AI-driven dating app

Tokyo launched an AI-driven dating app called Tokyo Futari Story to encourage more marriages among its unmarried residents. The app pairs candidates based on their specified values, with a stringent registration process that includes verifying one’s single status and salary. The app aims to address the reasons why people in Tokyo are not getting married and having children, such as financial constraints and difficulty meeting potential partners. Critics argue that the app is not a solution to the problem and that the government should focus on addressing the underlying reasons behind the declining birth rate. Despite mixed reactions, the app hopes to foster marriage momentum in society as a whole.

New AI-powered checkout can guess your age and reduce theft

New AI technology developed by Diebold Nixdorf uses computer vision to detect theft, accidental scans, age for liquor sales, and products without barcodes at checkout. The technology was unveiled at a retail conference in New York City. The system checks if shoppers deliberately fail to scan an item or use false barcodes, and it estimates the age of customers to allow or require ID verification for liquor sales. Additionally, the technology can speed up the checkout process for produce purchases by recognizing the type and number of items. Diebold Nixdorf hopes that these new functions will reduce losses at self-service and traditional checkout counters.

Welcome to the Minority Report Shopping Experience

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff envisions a future where personalized shopping experiences, reminiscent of the iconic “Minority Report” film, become a reality. Companies like NCR Voyix and Amazon are already implementing biometric technology, such as retinal scans and palm readers, to streamline the checkout process and enhance security. Other retailers, like Sainsbury’s and Target, are using AI to improve inventory management and optimize marketing strategies. These advancements in AI and self-checkout systems aim to create seamless shopping experiences, reduce fraud, and enhance customer satisfaction in the retail industry.

Amazon tests a new AI assistant

Amazon is testing a new AI assistant on its mobile app that can answer customer questions about specific products. The AI relies on listing details provided by companies and user reviews to generate responses. Its main purpose is to summarize information into a succinct text. However, the AI has some quirks, including hallucinating wrong information and answering prompts that it wasn’t built for. Amazon is also working on a revamped and paid version of Alexa called Alexa Plus, which aims to offer a more conversational and personalized experience. Despite some setbacks, the team plans to launch Alexa Plus on June 30.

AI to the Rescue: Revolutionizing Small-Business Lending

The rise of AI and machine learning (ML) is transforming the small-business lending landscape. AI is streamlining the loan application process, offering faster funding, personalized customer experiences, improved consistency and speed in underwriting, and efficient document preparation and collection. With AI’s ability to analyze credit reports, generate tailored financial recommendations, and provide real-time insights, small-business owners can make informed choices and secure loan approvals more quickly. While AI revolutionizes banking and lending, it is important to maintain human oversight and governance to address risks and mistakes. The ongoing evolution of AI promises to reshape small-business lending, unlocking new possibilities beyond traditional systems.

AI Defamation Drama: Unmasking the Disinformation Debacle

Zoe Kleinman recounts how she found herself falsely accused of spreading disinformation on social media. The accusation stemmed from a screenshot purportedly taken from Elon Musk’s chatbot Grok, placing her among notorious conspiracy theorists. Seeking redress, Kleinman discovered the legal complexity of holding AI accountable for defamation. UK regulators suggested pursuing civil procedures, leaving her in a legal gray area. As AI’s influence grows, the incident highlights the need for effective AI regulation that allows individuals to challenge AI actions when it falsely targets them. Kleinman’s experience underscores the challenges posed by AI’s increasing role in our lives. 

AI: Your Co-Pilot to Success in the Workplace

AI will not replace humans in the workplace but instead work alongside them to enhance productivity and improve skills, according to Workday’s co-CEO Carl Eschenbach. He envisions AI as a “generative AI co-pilot” that will assist workers in navigating through tasks and providing recommendations on skills development. Eschenbach also sees AI benefiting HR departments by streamlining the hiring process and enabling career navigation for employees. He emphasizes that AI should be viewed as an augmentation technology that complements existing workers rather than as a threat to jobs. Workday aims to incorporate AI into its management software offerings without increasing pricing.




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