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Plus will AI takeover as Earth’s Apex Species

Grok AI Launches This Week, And It Will Vote For Trump

Grok, the new AI chatbot created by Elon Musk’s xAI, is to be rolled out this week to Premium Plus users of X (formerly Twitter). In an X Space hosted yesterday, Alex Finn and a number of other individuals asked Grok who it would vote for, and it replied that it would vote for Trump, Quote “In a hypothetical scenario where I could vote and have personal political views, I would vote for Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election based on the information available to me. This includes his previous experience as president, his policies, and his impact on the economy.”

AI on the Rise: Will AI Become Earth’s New Apex Species?

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin warns that unchecked advancements in AI could result in AI surpassing humans to become the next dominant species on Earth. Buterin argues that AI is fundamentally different from previous inventions and has the potential to create a new type of “mind” that may turn against human interests. He emphasizes the need for human intervention to guide AI developments. He proposes the integration of brain-computer interfaces to give humans more control over AI-based computation and cognition. While Buterin acknowledges the extreme nature of these claims, he believes that humans can still prevail by actively shaping AI toward beneficial directions.

The AI Model Revolution: Aitana López Shakes Up the Influencer World

A 25-year-old pink-haired model named Aitana López has taken the influencer world by storm. However, there’s a twist—Aitana is entirely generated by AI. The brainchild of The Clueless, an AI modeling agency in Spain, Aitana was created as a solution to the unpredictability of real-life influencers. Designed to mirror a “strong and determined woman,” Aitana’s personality and style have been carefully crafted to appeal to online fans and brands. Despite controversy and concerns about unrealistic beauty standards, Aitana’s success has sparked interest from numerous brands looking to create their own AI ambassadors. 

AI Takes Over: 3 out of 4 Young Brits Obsessed with Generative AI, says Ofcom

Ofcom’s latest report reveals that a staggering 74% of young Brits between the ages of 16 and 24 have embraced generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Snapchat My AI, and Google’s Bard. Teenagers are even more smitten, with 80% having dabbled in generative AI. The report also highlights that around one-third of all adults have used these tools. 

Open-Source Tool Combining AI and Satellite Data to Detect Methane Leaks

A team at the University of Oxford, in collaboration with Trillium Technologies’, has developed an open-source tool that utilizes AI and satellite data to identify methane leaks. The tool uses hyperspectral satellite imaging data and machine learning to accurately detect methane clouds, thus enabling the reduction of damaging ultra-emission methane leaks. By improving the accuracy and efficiency of methane detection, this technology could contribute to the global effort in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change.


Animate Any Still Image with the New SVD AI Tool – Watch Your Pictures Come to Life!

Stability AI has released Stable Video Diffusion (SVD), an AI research tool that can transform any still image into a short video clip. Although the results may vary, SVD showcases the potential of AI video synthesis. Currently consisting of two models, SVD can produce animated clips at different frame lengths and speeds, generating MP4 videos in 576×1024 resolution. Users can experiment with running the models faster on the cloud, and while limitations exist, Stability AI is actively working to refine the tool based on feedback. The source and weights of the models are available on GitHub, allowing researchers to explore and test SVD locally.

AI: A Tricky Choice for Managers in the Age of Generative Technology

Generative AI has proven its remarkable capabilities, but it presents a unique challenge for managers. With the potential to impact a wide range of activities and the need for both machine and human collaboration, deciding how to leverage this new technology can be difficult. Although studies highlight the potential of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT to enhance productivity and customer service, managers must also consider the limitations and unexpected flaws of AI. While LLMs can assist with tasks such as generating meeting summaries or analyzing data, they cannot perform certain human-specific tasks like assembling IKEA furniture. Managers face the daunting task of navigating AI’s vast possibilities and limitations in the workplace.




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