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Plus: ChatGPT’s Latest Update: Now with 42% More Humor and 100% Fewer Robot Uprisings

AI in Hollywood: The Apocalypse is Coming, and Washington Can’t Stop It 

 Actress and AI expert Justine Bateman warns that Washington is not doing enough to regulate the use of AI in Hollywood, which she says could lead to an “apocalypse” of mass unemployment and job displacement. Bateman argues that AI is already being used to automate many jobs in the entertainment industry and that this trend will only accelerate. She calls on Congress to pass legislation that would protect workers from AI’s negative impacts and ensure that AI is used for good rather than for harm.

OpenAI Unveils New ChatGPT AI Chatbot with Improved Fluency and Coherence 

 OpenAI has announced a new version of its ChatGPT AI chatbot, which it claims is more fluent and coherent than previous versions. The new ChatGPT holds more natural and engaging conversations and generates more creative and exciting text formats, like poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, emails, and letters. OpenAI is making the new ChatGPT available to developers through its API, and it plans to release a public version of the chatbot in the future.

These Jobs Are Most Exposed to AI Automation 

 A new study by the McKinsey Global Institute has found that 800 million jobs worldwide are at high risk of automation by 2030. The study found that the jobs most at risk are those that are routine and repetitive and that can be performed by machines with high accuracy. The study also found that the risk of automation is not evenly distributed, with some countries and regions being more affected than others.

AI Flies XQ-58A Valkyrie Drone on First Unmanned Flight 

 The US Air Force successfully flew its XQ-58A Valkyrie drone on its first unmanned flight. The Valkyrie is a small, stealthy drone that is designed to be used for reconnaissance and strike missions. The successful flight of the Valkyrie is a significant milestone for the development of autonomous drones, and it could significantly impact the future of warfare.

What is Worldcoin? The Worldcoin Orb Price and How to Get It 

 Worldcoin is a new cryptocurrency using blockchain technology to create a global ID system. The Worldcoin Orb is a device that is used to scan people’s eyes and collect data that will be used to create their Worldcoin ID. The Worldcoin project has been controversial, with critics raising concerns about privacy and data security. However, the Worldcoin team has said that the data collected by the Orb will be anonymized and not used for advertising or other commercial purposes.

Andy Jassy Says Every Amazon Business Unit Is Working on Generative AI Projects 

 Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has said that every business unit at Amazon is working on generative AI projects. Generative AI is artificial intelligence that can create new content, such as text, images, and music. Jassy says that Amazon uses generative AI to improve its products and services in various ways, such as generating personalized customer recommendations, creating new product designs, and writing code.

Kickstarter Demands Proof of Humanity, Requires New Projects to Disclose AI Use 

 Kickstarter’s crowdfunding platform requires new projects to disclose if they are using AI. Kickstarter says this is necessary to protect its users from scams and fraud. The new policy also requires projects to provide proof of humanity, such as a selfie or a video of the project creator. Kickstarter says this is to ensure that real people are behind the projects being funded.

AI Tool Of The Day: Audiocraft

Meta has introduced AudioCraft, an AI tool that generates high-quality audio and music from text prompts. The tool includes three models: MusicGen, AudioGen, and EnCodec. Meta is open-sourcing these models, allowing researchers to train their own models and advance the field of AI-generated audio and music. AudioCraft simplifies the design of generative audio models and offers potential for innovation and creativity in music and sound design.




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