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Plus AI hits wages more than jobs.

Amazon Launches Q: A Companion for Workplace Efficiency

Amazon has announced the launch of its own AI assistant, Amazon Q, specifically designed for workplace settings. Developed by Amazon’s cloud computing division, Amazon Q aims to assist employees with daily tasks, such as summarizing documents, completing internal support tickets, and answering questions about company policies. In a market already populated by corporate chatbots like Google’s Duet AI and OpenAI’s ChatGPT Enterprise, Amazon is positioning Q as a secure and private alternative. The company aims to address concerns over data security and privacy by allowing businesses to customize access permissions and integrate with existing corporate data systems. Amazon Q is part of the company’s efforts to catch up with competitors in the AI race.

Former Google CEO Warns: AI Guardrails Alone Aren’t Enough to Prevent Catastrophic Consequences

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt warns that the guardrails currently in place for AI are insufficient to control its capabilities, which could threaten humanity within the next five to ten years. Schmidt compares the situation to the development of nuclear weapons after World War II and emphasizes the urgency of addressing the issue. He suggests the creation of a global body, similar to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, to provide accurate information to policymakers and facilitate prompt action. 

Mind-Blowing AI Animation Tool Creates Animated Images That Come to Life

Runway, an AI research company, has unveiled the second generation of its Motion Brush tool, which allows users to animate AI-generated images. The simple brush tool can bring still images to life, creating the illusion of movement in objects like trucks, nature scenery, and even waterfalls. Motion Brush works by uploading an image into the service and using the brush tool to draw a highlight over the area to be animated. Users can also generate images within the platform using text prompts. The tool is currently in beta and available to all Runway members.

Meta Cracks Down on AI-Generated Political Ads: What You Should Know

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has recently announced updates to its advertising policies regarding political and social issue ads, specifically addressing the use of AI. Advertisers worldwide will be required to disclose if AI or related digital editing techniques were used to create or alter political or social issue ads under certain conditions. Meta also plans to block new political, electoral, and social issue ads during the final week of U.S. elections, a move consistent with previous years. These measures come as the increasing use of AI technology in visual and textual content creation raises concerns about misinformation and misleading ads. 

AI Threatens Wages More Than Jobs, European Study Reveals

According to a study conducted by the European Central Bank, fears regarding AI replacing human workers in the job market may be overblown. The study found that AI has actually created job opportunities, particularly for younger and high-skilled workers. However, it also pointed out that AI technology has a negative impact on wages. The research analyzed employment shares in 16 European countries from 2011 to 2019, during the deep learning boom. It discovered that AI affects wages in occupations more exposed to the technology, while low- and medium-skill jobs remain largely unaffected. 

Groundnet: The AI-Powered Robotic Weeder That’s Revolutionizing Farming

Swedish company Ekobot AB has developed an AI-powered weeding robot called the Ekobot WEAI. This ground-breaking wheeled robot uses metal fingers to autonomously recognize and pluck weeds from the ground in fields full of onions, beets, carrots, and more. With a battery life of 10-12 hours and a top speed of 5 km/h, the Ekobot WEAI can cover about 10 hectares of land in a day. By using an AI-powered machine vision system, the Ekobot can identify weeds and pluck them rapidly, reducing the need for pesticides by up to 70%.

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