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Plus, AI cuts animators by 90%

OpenAI CEO Throws Shade at Elon Musk’s New AI: “Grok” Gets a Witty Rival

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman takes a humorous dig at Elon Musk’s AI project, “Grok,” with the introduction of OpenAI’s own customizable version of ChatGPT called GPTs. Altman’s version, named Grok, is designed to deliver cringe-worthy boomer humor for laughs. The rivalry between Altman and Musk stems from a falling out after cofounding OpenAI together. Musk was displeased when OpenAI transitioned from a non-profit to partner with Microsoft. Interestingly, Musk’s announcement of Grok coincided with OpenAI’s highly-anticipated DevDay event, where their custom ChatGPTs were unveiled.

The Arrival of Personalized AI Assistants: Are We Ready?

OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, recently announced the introduction of personalized chatbots, marking a significant development in the world of artificial intelligence. These AI “agents” are designed to perform specific tasks, access private data, and integrate with other online platforms. While some researchers express concerns about the potential risks of autonomous AI agents, companies and users are excited about the opportunities they present. OpenAI intends to make it easy for users to create their own custom chatbots and plans to release a version of an app store for these AI agents in the future. This article explores the implications of this technology and the potential shift towards a world where AI becomes an extension of human capabilities.

China’s AI: A False Alarm for the U.S.? Quality Trumps Quantity in Tech Supremacy

According to Nina Xiang, managing director at TH Capital, China is not the imminent threat to U.S. tech supremacy that many believe. In her article, Xiang argues that while China may have made significant advancements in AI technology, the quality of innovation matters more than the quantity. Despite China’s achievements in AI, the country still lags behind the U.S. in terms of critical factors such as research quality, talent, and data access. Xiang suggests that it is essential for the world to recognize that China’s rise as an AI superpower is unlikely in the foreseeable future.

Picsart Ignite Unleashes AI Tools for Creative Masterpieces

Creative photo-editing startup Picsart has recently launched Picsart Ignite, a suite of 20 AI-powered tools designed to empower businesses and individuals to create captivating visuals. This suite includes tools for generating videos, GIFs, logos, backgrounds, QR codes, stickers, and more. With the new “AI Expand” and “AI Object Remove in Video” features, users can add details to images and remove unwanted objects, ensuring distraction-free videos. Additionally, the “AI Style Transfer” and “AI Avatar” tools offer users the chance to apply artistic styles or create realistic avatars, including turning themselves and loved ones into superheroes. 

AI Historian Warns of Financial Crisis and Catastrophic Consequences

AI has the potential to cause a financial crisis that could have catastrophic consequences, according to historian Yuval Noah Harari. Similar to nuclear weapons, forecasting the dangers of AI is difficult because there isn’t one “big, dangerous scenario.” With AI, there are numerous dangerous scenarios, each with a relatively small probability that together pose an existential threat. One major concern is the potential for AI to create complex financial devices that humans cannot understand, leading to an unregulated financial crisis. 

Animation Evolution: AI Cuts Animated Movie Staff By 90%

Industry veteran Jeffrey Katzenberg predicts that AI will revolutionize the creation of animated movies, significantly reducing both time and costs. At the Bloomberg New Economy Forum, Katzenberg emphasized that the media, entertainment, and creative sectors stand to witness the most profound impact from AI’s integration. In the past, it would require a legion of approximately 500 artists and years of work to craft a top-notch animated film. However, Katzenberg believes that within the next three years, this process will be streamlined to a mere 10% of its current timeframe, thanks to the extraordinary advancements in AI technology.




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