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welcome to ai daily dot u s for June 15th, 2023 – breaking news in AI – here’s your top 11 stories

AI Automates Being Human

In a stunning example of recursion, (or human laziness), Mechanical Turk workers are using AI to automate tasks that were once considered to be the exclusive domain of humans, such as writing articles and creating social media content. This trend is likely to continue as AI becomes more sophisticated, and it raises questions about the future of work.

AI Could Destroy Humanity in 5-10 Years, 42% of CEOs Say

A survey of CEOs found that 42% believe that AI could destroy humanity within the next 5-10 years. The survey also found that 63% of CEOs believe that AI will have a negative impact on jobs. These findings highlight the potential risks of AI, and the need for careful planning and regulation.

AI-Powered Workplace Design Could Improve Employee Productivity

A new AI-powered workplace design platform is being developed that could improve employee productivity. The platform uses data from sensors and cameras to track employee movement and behavior, and then uses this data to optimize the layout of the workplace. This could lead to increased employee productivity and satisfaction.

Machine Learning Algorithm Identifies Natural Anti-Aging Chemicals

The algorithm was trained on a dataset of over 100,000 chemicals, and it was able to identify 100 chemicals that have the potential to slow down the aging process. This could lead to the development of new anti-aging treatments.

AI Promises Humanity One Last Job: Helping AI Help Humanity

As AI becomes more sophisticated, it is likely to take over many jobs that are currently done by humans. However, AI will still need help from humans to develop and improve. This means that humans will still have one last job: helping AI help humanity.

Calculations Suggest It’ll Be Impossible to Control a Super-Intelligent AI

A new study has found that it may be impossible to control a super-intelligent AI. The study found that even if we could create a super-intelligent AI that is benevolent, it could still be impossible to control because it would be too powerful. This raises the question of whether we should even create super-intelligent AI.

YouTube Could Give Google an Edge in AI

YouTube could give Google an edge in the race to develop artificial intelligence (AI). YouTube has a massive dataset of videos that could be used to train AI models. This dataset is much larger than any other dataset that is currently available. This gives Google a significant advantage in the development of AI.

China’s Burgeoning AI Supremacy Threatens American Stability

China is rapidly developing AI technology, and this could pose a threat to American stability. China is investing heavily in AI, and it is already ahead of the United States in some areas. This could lead to China gaining a strategic advantage over the United States.

Bots Are Taking Over Mundane Tasks, Doing It Faster and with More Accuracy

These tasks include customer service, data entry, and even writing code. Bots are able to do these tasks faster and with more accuracy than humans. This is leading to job losses in some sectors, but it is also creating new opportunities in the field of AI.

Resume Mistakes AI Black Hole

A new study has found that AI resume screening tools are rejecting qualified candidates because of minor mistakes. The study found that AI tools are rejecting resumes that contain typos, grammatical errors, and other minor mistakes. This is a problem because it is preventing qualified candidates from getting jobs.

AMD Confirms AI Superchip with Nvidia

AMD has confirmed that it is working on an AI superchip with Nvidia. The superchip will combine AMD’s processors with Nvidia’s GPUs. This will create a powerful AI platform that can be used for a variety of applications, including machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision.

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