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Plus Whose Values Will AI Have?

AlphaFold: Unveiling a Psychedelic Goldmine for New Antidepressants?

Researchers have discovered that the protein-structure-prediction tool AlphaFold can be just as effective as experimental models in identifying potential new psychedelic molecules. The tool, developed by DeepMind, has revolutionized drug discovery by providing structure predictions for various proteins. However, some skeptics questioned AlphaFold’s ability to replace traditional methods. Recent studies have shown that the tool’s predictions can be as successful as experimental models, raising hopes for faster drug development. Isomorphic Labs, a DeepMind spin-off, is leveraging AlphaFold to accelerate drug discovery efforts.

Navigating Values in AI: The Battle of Algorithms and Bias

AI systems are embedded with values and biases, forcing creators to choose which values and perspectives the system will uphold. Training and aligning AI models involve complex decisions about human values, leading to partisan conflicts and culture wars. AI systems often claim to align with human values, without acknowledging the contested nature of these values. As AI becomes a battleground for different cultural norms and geopolitical tensions, AI makers face pressure to adapt their systems accordingly. However, transparency and accountability in decision-making processes are crucial to ensure ethical AI development.

Is AI on the Ballot? The Rise of AI in Global Democracy

In the “Year of Elections,” AI is making its mark in global democracy. From AI clones mimicking political figures to AI-generated deepfakes spreading disinformation, policymakers and strategists are grappling with the implications. Examples include Imran Khan’s AI voice delivering a speech from prison and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s AI-cloned voice singing songs in regional languages. While AI can offer innovative solutions, it also poses risks, as seen in Bangladesh’s election where deepfakes were used for political propaganda. The need for effective AI-based misinformation detection tools and digital information literacy is crucial as elections become battlegrounds for AI manipulation.

AI Takes Charge: Recycling Revolution Harnesses the Power of AI

EverestLabs, an AI and robotics company, is utilizing AI robots to revolutionize the recycling industry. These robots, equipped with sophisticated technology, are capable of sorting recyclable materials with impressive accuracy rates. EverestLabs’ system, RecycleOS, employs a robotic arm and 3D camera to identify and pick out recyclables from conveyor belts at an unprecedented rate. By increasing the efficiency of recycling plants, these AI robots contribute to reducing landfill waste and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. The company aims to achieve even higher accuracy rates by 2030, showcasing the positive potential of AI in advancing sustainability.

Google Chrome Gets AI Upgrade

Google announces that its Chrome web browser will now integrate generative AI and machine learning features, providing users with AI-generated themes, improved tab organization, and AI-powered writing assistance. The aim is to make AI more accessible and user-friendly, allowing users to benefit from its capabilities without being computer science experts. The new features will be available in the M121 version of Chrome, making it easier for individuals to personalize their browsing experience and overcome challenges associated with writing on the web.

AI Takes Over: Nearly 40% of Jobs Impacted Worldwide

A recent report by the IMF reveals that AI will impact almost 40% of global jobs, with advanced economies like the United States being hit hardest. The integration of AI into businesses is happening rapidly, leading to both enhanced productivity and potential job loss. Repetitive tasks are particularly at risk of being replaced by AI, making it crucial for employees to develop broad skillsets and understand new technologies. Additionally, AI poses security risks, such as deepfakes, necessitating measures to protect against illegal or harmful uses. Congressman Ro Khanna advocates for more government oversight and worker protection in the face of AI advancement.

Ancient Greek Philosophers Brought Back to Life – Hear Their Stories Through AI

Equator AI has utilized the power of AI to bring ancient Greek philosophers and scientists back to life in a captivating video. From Herodotus to Plato, these great thinkers share their life stories and remarkable achievements. With the help of virtual reality and AI technology, viewers can immerse themselves in their world and gain insights into their philosophies and contributions.

Rabbit R1: The AI Gadget That’s More Than Just an App

The Rabbit R1, a handheld AI device, has gained popularity by selling out multiple batches since its launch in January 2024. While some wonder why it’s not just a smartphone app, Rabbit CEO Jesse Lyu explains that it’s about protecting their intellectual property and avoiding competition in the crowded AI software market. By creating dedicated hardware, Rabbit can safeguard their unique AI model and stand out from rivals. Despite concerns about carrying an additional device, customers are drawn to the Rabbit R1’s capabilities and superior software.




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