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Plus Microsoft Adds AI Button To Laptops

Elvis the AI: The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Enters the World of AI

Get ready for an immersive experience like no other as the iconic Elvis Presley makes his debut in the realm of AI. A holographic AI version of the legendary musician will take center stage in the show “Elvis Evolution” in London. Through groundbreaking technology and AI, audiences will feel like they are witnessing the seismic impact of seeing Elvis live, as he performs his most iconic songs and mesmerizes fans with his iconic moves. The show will also travel to Las Vegas, Berlin, and Tokyo. 

Why AI Won’t Replace Human Influencers Anytime Soon

While AI influencers offer a cheaper way to promote products, they lack the authenticity that makes human influencers effective. They lack charisma, personality, and trustworthiness in human influencers, qualities that cannot be replicated by AI. AI influencers often attract attention as a novelty rather than being truly influential. 

Does Hallucination Equal Creativity?

An increasing number of developers are finding fascinating utility in the hallucinations experienced by AI systems. These hallucinations occur when AI algorithms deviate from their intended output and produce unexpected and creative results. Startups like Visual Electric Co. are harnessing the potential of AI hallucinations by developing web interfaces that showcase the iterative process of AI-generated images. By exploring various creative ideas based on how AI interprets requests, artists, and designers can unlock new possibilities. This article explores the concept of AI hallucinations, the challenges they pose for AI developers, and how some companies are leveraging them to tap into AI’s creative potential.

Survey Reveals Belief: 5% Chance AI Could Wipe Out Humanity

In the largest survey of its kind, AI researchers expressed concern about the potential development of superhuman AI, suggesting that there is a non-trivial risk of human extinction. The survey, which gathered insights from 2,700 AI researchers, revealed that almost 58% believed there is a 5% chance of catastrophic AI-related outcomes. However, there is disagreement and uncertainty within the AI community regarding these risks and their timeline. 

AI Girlfriends: A Controversial Trend in Loneliness Solution or Degeneracy Generator?

The emergence of AI-powered girlfriends is gaining popularity as a solution for those seeking companionship online. Platforms like DreamGF, FantasyGF, and Kupid AI offer users the ability to interact with virtual partners through AI chatbots and image-generation tools. The AI models behind these platforms have improved significantly, using generative AI models like ChatGPT to converse with users in natural language. 

The Rise of Grassroots AI in Africa: Filling the Gaps, One Student at a Time

The University of Johannesburg recently hosted the Southern African Conference for Artificial Intelligence Research in Muldersdrift, South Africa, where the focus was on human-centered AI. While Africa’s grassroots AI movement is driven by self-organized networks of students, professors, researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry practitioners, the region faces challenges such as limited university access and underresourced institutions. These hurdles are amplified by historical racial inequities and limited educational opportunities. However, organizations like the Deep Learning Indaba are bringing African AI to the global stage, fostering connections and mentorship, and highlighting the importance of responsible AI in the African context. The goal is for African AI researchers to shape and own technological advances, rather than being mere observers and receivers.

Microsoft Introduces the AI Button to Revolutionize Windows Keyboards

Microsoft is embracing the era of AI with the addition of an innovative new feature to its Windows keyboards. The “AI button,” aptly named the Copilot key, will be positioned to the right of the space bar and will activate Microsoft’s Copilot service. This service assists users with tasks such as document summarization, music recommendations, and utilizing search engine and AI chatbot functionalities. With this move, Microsoft aims to make AI more accessible and empower users to participate in the AI transformation effortlessly. The AI button will initially be available on upcoming Windows 11 devices and is expected to become a required feature shortly, turning 2024 into the year of the AI PC.

Intel Spins Out New Enterprise-focused GenAI Software Company, ‘Articul8 AI

Intel collaborates with asset manager and investor DigitalBridge to spin out a new AI platform company called Articul8 AI. The system, built from a proof-of-concept developed in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group, is a generative AI software capable of reading text and images. Initially designed to meet BCG’s security requirements, Articul8 is now being scaled to serve companies in sectors with specialized domain knowledge, such as financial services and aerospace. Arun Subramaniyan, formerly a VP and GM at Intel’s data center and AI group, will lead the company as its CEO. Intel plans to retain an undisclosed stake in Articul8 and leverage its AI software for internal use cases.

Debunking AI Hallucinations: SRI Research Sheds Light on Making AI Trustworthy

SRI International, a renowned research institute, is making strides in de-hallucating AI by focusing on the mechanics of Large Language Models (LLMs). Their research aims to improve the coherence, factual accuracy, and logical soundness of AI-generated content, enabling more trustworthy communication between AI systems and humans. SRI’s innovative approach involves automating the process of training AI models and developing semantic consistency checks to ensure reliable results. Additionally, the researchers are exploring techniques inspired by human understanding to mimic how humans learn and generate explanations for their answers. This research could revolutionize the AI industry by enhancing the capabilities of chatbots, visual question-answering programs, and other AI systems.

Perplexity: The Startup Disrupting Web Search with AI

Perplexity, a San Francisco-based startup, has caught the attention of high-profile investors like Jeff Bezos, as well as venture capitalists, all betting on the potential of AI to revolutionize online information retrieval. Perplexity’s answer engine, developed over two years, is gaining popularity among its 10 million monthly users. With fewer than 40 employees, Perplexity is aiming to challenge Google’s dominance in the web search industry. As AI continues to advance, Perplexity aims to transform the way people find information online, thereby posing a significant threat to established search engines.

Get Ready for the AI Shake-up: Bumpy Road Ahead for 2024

The year 2024 is expected to bring a wave of change and challenges for the AI industry. While AI holds immense potential, experts warn that the hype of the previous year may result in significant churn as businesses face difficulties in establishing workable business models. Many companies may experience stalled growth and increased cash burn as they struggle to find pricing strategies, deep product market fit use cases, and measure ROI. Investors will likely pull back on AI experimental budgets, leading to a reshuffling of the AI landscape. However, those companies that can adapt, embed AI into existing workflows and demonstrate measurable ROI will continue to grow and thrive.




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