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Plus AI Infuses Everything at CES 2024

AI Takes Center Stage at CES 2024: From TVs to Cars, Cookware to Toothbrushes

The CES 2024 event showcased the widespread use of AI in various consumer products. Samsung unveiled its line of 8K QLED TVs with AI image upscaling capabilities that can convert standard definition content into stunning 8K resolution. Volkswagen integrated ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, into their electric and gas-powered vehicles, allowing owners to request restaurant recommendations and more. LG introduced the Alpha 11 processor, equipped with AI technology, to enhance the image quality of their OLED TVs. Microsoft unveiled laptops with a dedicated AI key for quick access to AI functionalities. Seer Grill’s new AI-controlled Perfecta Grill aims to improve the grilling experience through machine learning. Oclean’s AI-powered Oclean X Ultra toothbrush ensures a better brushing experience for users. 

AI Models: A Double-Edged Sword for the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry increasingly turns to AI models to cut costs and boost diversity. While some brands claim that using AI models allows them to showcase their products on a more diverse group of models, others worry about the potential negative impact on the industry. AI-generated models are significantly cheaper than human models, making it harder for real models to compete. Moreover, concerns have been raised about AI companies using models’ likenesses without their consent.

The AI Race: The Eagle and the Dragon on Different Tracks

China and the US are taking different paths in the race for AI supremacy. While China aims to become the global AI leader by 2030, the rise of the US-based ChatGPT chatbot has caught their attention. China’s focus on AI implementation has grown in the past decade, with AI facial recognition, smart glasses, and intelligent robots becoming common in various sectors. However, the political sensitivities and censorship in China have posed challenges for the development of ChatGPT-like platforms. The Chinese government has imposed stricter regulations on generative AI, aiming to align AI-generated content with socialist core values. 

Unconventional Uses of AI at CES: From Robot Pets to Smart Shoes

LG’s AI robot not only assists in household tasks but also analyzes your mood to play music accordingly. RCA’s AI-equipped bird feeder can identify thousands of bird species and provide high-definition video transmission. Samsung’s Bespoke 4-Door Flex refrigerator features an AI system that tracks food items and sends alerts for expiration dates or replacing the water filter. Moonwalkers X AI-informed shoes improve safety and performance for walkers. OSIM’s uLove 3 massage chair customizes massages based on stress levels. Guidi AI smart belt helps visually impaired individuals navigate obstacles. ilume’s AI dog bowl tracks activity levels and determines optimal portions for dogs to combat obesity.

Virtual Freshmen: Artificial Intelligence Students to Enroll in College Classes for the First Time

Ferris State University in Michigan has made history as the first institution in the US to enroll two virtual students powered by AI as freshmen. The AI students, named Ann and Fry, will attend classes, complete assignments, and participate in classroom discussions alongside human peers. Researchers hope that the AI students, who have been given their backstories, will eventually earn their undergraduate degrees and potentially continue their education further. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, AI Boosts Your Mood for All

Baracoda’s BMind smart mirror, powered by AI, uses generative artificial intelligence and natural language processing to analyze a person’s sentiment and offer affirmations, visuals, and more to improve their mood. The mirror combines light therapy sessions, guided meditations, and self-affirmations to help manage stress and enhance well-being. It also offers features such as guided teeth brushing, skin analysis, and bathroom water temperature monitoring.

Google Faces Federal Jury in Boston Over AI Patent Infringement Claims

Alphabet’s Google is heading to court to defend itself against accusations that its processors used in AI technology infringe on patents owned by Massachusetts-based computer scientist Joseph Bates. Singular Computing, Bates’ company, alleges that Google copied his technology to power AI features in Google Search, Gmail, Google Translate, and other services. The trial is expected to last two to three weeks, with Singular seeking monetary damages of up to $7 billion. 

Introducing Oro: The World’s Smartest Dog Care Robot at CES 2024

Oro is an advanced AI-powered robot companion designed to care for your dog when you’re not around. Equipped with two-way audio, an interactive video screen, and a built-in dispenser, Oro provides entertainment, attention, and food for your furry friend. It even has a ball thrower to play fetch and can navigate autonomously using advanced cameras and mapping systems. Oro’s advanced AI learning allows it to understand your dog’s behavior patterns and respond with soothing music or physical interaction when it senses distress or the desire to play. 

Samsung Unveils Bali: Your AI Sidekick for All Household Chores

Samsung has introduced its latest innovation, Bali, an AI robot designed to assist with various tasks around the house. With its built-in projector system, Bali can project images on walls, ceilings, and even non-screen devices like fridges and stoves. The compact robot can function as a personal exercise instructor, display your daily appointments, or even keep an eye on your house and pets when you’re away. Bali’s AI capabilities enable it to learn your patterns and adapt to different parts of your home. Get ready for a helpful new addition to your household, Bali is set to release later this year!




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