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Plus AI Election Deception Controls Takes Shape. 

Swipe Right for AI: Can Artificial Intelligence Fix Dating?

Dating in the modern era can be frustrating, painful, and even dangerous. However, companies like Tinder and Bumble are turning to AI to revolutionize the dating experience. With AI-powered features, these apps aim to increase the likelihood of success, perfect dating profiles, and help users put their best digital foot forward. Additionally, there are businesses like Replika that offer AI bots for virtual romantic relationships. A recent survey conducted by Cosmopolitan and Bumble found that a majority of daters are excited about the potential of AI to make dating easier and more efficient. While there are concerns about bias and privacy, an AI-infused dating future seems inevitable.

The Subtle Societal Misalignments that Keep AI CEO Awake at Night

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, has expressed concern over the “very subtle societal misalignments” that could lead to chaos and havoc caused by AI systems. Altman called for the creation of a governing body, similar to the International Atomic Energy Agency, to oversee the rapid advancements in AI. He emphasized the need for healthy debate and discussion in the industry but also highlighted the importance of an action plan with global buy-in shortly. Altman’s comments come as OpenAI faces legal battles and questions around the ethical use of AI technology.

Tech Titans Join Forces to Battle AI Deception in Elections

Leading AI companies including Google, Microsoft, and Meta have developed an “accord” to address the growing threat of AI-generated content in elections. While the agreement does not outright ban deceptive political AI content, it aims to develop technology to identify, label, and control such content. AI-generated images, known as “deepfakes,” have become increasingly realistic and widespread, posing risks to fair elections. Examples of deceptive AI content in past elections include mimicking the voices of political figures and robocalls urging voter suppression. Tech companies have faced pressure to combat the spread of fake election content and this accord reaffirms their commitment to transparency and education on the issue.

AI Takes a Shot at Drug Discovery

Google DeepMind’s AlphaFold and other AI programs are revolutionizing drug discovery by predicting protein structures and accelerating clinical trials. The latest version of AlphaFold has achieved atomic accuracy and can potentially transform the pharma and biotech R&D pipeline. AI-based drug discovery companies have already shown promising results, with several candidates reaching the clinical trial stage within a decade of discovery. AI has the potential to cut the drug discovery cycle by 40%, but challenges remain, such as selecting the right patients for studies and determining the effectiveness of AI-designed molecules. Despite these challenges, optimism about the future of AI in drug discovery is growing.

GOODY-2: The AI That Follows the Rules, Even When It’s Not Helpful

Meet GOODY-2, the world’s most responsible AI model that takes safety to the extreme. With its next-gen ethical principles, GOODY-2 refuses every request, even the most banal, to avoid any perceived transgression. As AI models become more advanced, they have become increasingly apologetic and sycophantic, aligning their responses with users’ expectations. GOODY-2 presents the ultimate future of caution in AI development. 

Meet the Vatican’s AI Guru

Paolo Benanti, an ethics professor and ordained priest, has become the go-to artificial intelligence ethicist for both the Vatican and the Italian government. As the world grapples with the ethical and moral implications of rapidly advancing technology, Benanti advises on topics such as protecting the vulnerable from AI threats and the need for global governance. With his participation in international AI panels, books he has authored, and courses he teaches, Benanti is making a significant impact in navigating the complex relationship between A.I. and morality.

AI Helps Viewers Understand Pokemon Battles in Real-Time

The Pokemon Company is teaming up with AI company HEROZ Corporation to develop an AI technology called Pokemon Battle Scope (PBS) that enhances the viewing experience of Pokemon battles. The AI will interpret and predict moves during battles, providing real-time statistics and insights for viewers to understand the action better. The upcoming Pokemon Dragon King Tournament in 2024 will be the first showcase of PBS, giving viewers a chance to see the AI in action. This innovative use of AI aims to make Pokemon battles more engaging and accessible to all viewers.

USPTO Releases Guidance on Determining AI Inventorship 

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued guidance clarifying that AI-assisted inventions are not categorically unpatentable, but human contributions must be a focus. The guidance is a result of feedback received in response to the USPTO’s call for comments on AI inventorship. The guidance explains that AI systems, although instrumental in the creation of inventions, cannot be listed as inventors. The document also emphasizes the importance of significant human contributions to each claim in a patent application or patent. The guidance includes examples to illustrate how AI-assisted inventions will be assessed during the examination.

Love, Bots, and Relationships: AI’s Impact on Dating

Influencers and reality TV stars share their thoughts on how AI will affect the future of dating. While some view AI as a positive tool, especially for socially awkward individuals, others express concerns about its impact on the authenticity of relationships. AI has the potential to create sophisticated virtual partners, but most still prefer the presence of a real-life human. Despite the potential benefits, some are skeptical about the positive impact of AI on dating and relationships. However, many hope that AI can be a helpful tool while still allowing individuals to be genuine and create real connections.




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