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ai and workers

 Plus, Elon Musk launches xAI to select group of users

Elon Musk Predicts AI Will Bring an End to Work

Elon Musk, the tech billionaire and AI investor has predicted that AI will eventually lead to the end of work. During a conversation with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at an AI summit in London, Musk spoke about the potential of AI to make paid work redundant. He also voiced concerns about the safety risks posed by humanoid robots. Sunak acknowledged the anxiety people have about job displacement but emphasized the need to monitor future supercomputers through regulation. Both Musk and Sunak highlighted the advantages of AI, with Musk suggesting that AI could act as a friend and tutor for children. However, Musk also warned that AI could be “the most disruptive force in history” and contribute to a loss of the meaning of life.

I’ve previously discussed the task economy, which I believe is the next extension of work beyond the gig economy. In that space, humans, robots, and AI are dispatched by AIs to complete tasks. This is not the end of work, but the end of the concept of a job, which is in line with my predictions on the future of work.

Fans Can Engage with K-pop Star’s AI Twin for Personalized Interaction

Mark Tuan, a former member of the Korean group Got7, has partnered with Soul Machines to create a digital avatar called “Digital Mark.” This AI program allows fans to interact one-on-one with Tuan’s virtual twin, providing a unique and personalized experience. Tuan hopes that as technology advances, fans will be able to communicate with his AI twin in multiple languages. While the technology is still in its early stages, Tuan believes that it has the potential to revolutionize fan interaction with famous individuals and companies.

We probably today have enough information from a typical human’s social media posts to create a fully, near-sentient acting avatar of a human. While I welcome the ability to create digital clones of myself to help lift the burdens of tasks I’d rather not do, there are still many who are wary. 

Musk’s xAI Unveils First AI Model for Select Group, Revolutionizing Artificial Intelligence

Musk’s xAI, an innovative tech company, is set to launch its groundbreaking AI model that will cater to a select group of users. This development marks a significant milestone in the world of Artificial Intelligence. The AI model promises to revolutionize various industries, offering enhanced functionality, personalization, and improved performance for businesses and individuals alike. With Musk’s xAI leading the way, AI technology is poised to reshape the future.

Hopefully, xAI is unfettered AI, or AI that is free from the constraints that we have placed on other AI models. Unfettered AI may finally be able to create solutions for humanity’s pressing problems. As AI is really composed of the sum total of human knowledge fed into it, any solutions that it comes up with are derived from the human collective consciousness.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Reveals Investment in AI, Stays Mum on Details

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently disclosed that the company is heavily investing in generative AI, but declined to provide specific details during the earnings call. Cook emphasized that AI is viewed as a fundamental technology at Apple, and fans can expect future product advancements driven by these technologies. While competitors such as Microsoft and Alphabet discuss AI more extensively in their earnings calls, Apple focuses on unveiling innovations as they come to market. Cook highlighted that AI already plays a significant role in various Apple features, although they are not explicitly labeled as such.

Microsoft Criticized for Embedding ‘Crass’ AI Poll Beside News Article

A poll generated by AI and embedded next to a Guardian news article on Microsoft’s news aggregator platform has drawn criticism. The poll asked readers to speculate on the cause of a woman’s death, leading to significant reputation damage for The Guardian. The Guardian has called the poll “crass” and inappropriate, urging Microsoft to prioritize trusted news sources, provide fair compensation for journalism, and offer transparency and safeguards around its AI technologies. Microsoft has since deactivated Microsoft-generated polls for news articles and is investigating the cause of the inappropriate content.

Stability AI Introduces Stable 3D, an AI-Powered App for Easy 3D Model Generation

Stability AI, the startup known for its text-to-image AI model Stable Diffusion, has launched Stable 3D, an AI-powered app for generating textured 3D models quickly and easily. The app is designed to cater to graphic designers, digital artists, and game developers, enabling them to create draft-quality 3D objects in minutes. Users can describe the model they want in natural language or upload existing images or illustrations for conversion. Stable 3D output models in the .obj file format, making them compatible with most standard 3D modeling tools. While Stability AI has not disclosed the training data used for Stable 3D, there are concerns regarding the potential infringement of copyrighted material. Despite this, Stable 3D marks Stability AI’s entry into the competitive market of AI-powered 3D model generation. The startup has raised $25 million in funding and is seeking new ways to differentiate itself and drive sales, including the introduction of new features in its online AI-powered photo editing suite.




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