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Plus AI Unleashes Imagination

Racing Towards the Future

Will robots eventually replace humans as NASCAR drivers? While it may seem like a far-fetched idea, the future of NASCAR might involve a significant role in AI. In 2023, the sport has already begun testing the potential of AI with groundbreaking software called Pit Rho. This software, co-founded by Josh Browne and a group of MIT PhD fellows, uses predictive analytics to make decisions and calculate the optimal pit stops for maximizing the chances of winning races. 

AI Revolutionizes Cancer Treatment

Biomedical startups are revolutionizing cancer treatment by harnessing the power of AI to predict patient response to therapies. By analyzing vast amounts of data from clinical trials and genetic research, AI helps scientists identify patterns that correlate with treatment response or resistance. With this information, startups can predict drug effectiveness in clinical studies and develop tests to assist doctors in selecting personalized treatments. 

The Rise of AI Writers: Unleashing the Imagination in Literature

There is an intriguing relationship between writers and AI. While popular culture often portrays AI as either menacing or alluring, the focus is shifting to the growing presence of AI in the realm of writing. Large language AI models, such as ChatGPT, are revolutionizing the creative process by effortlessly producing a wide variety of written content. These AI writers can craft cover letters, detective novels, sonnets, and even literary analyses on the subject of AI itself. As writers embrace AI as their muse, it raises fascinating questions about the future of human creativity and challenges our understanding of what it means to be human.

LG Unveils Two-Legged AI Robot that Manages Your Home

LG Electronics has introduced a two-legged AI robot that acts as an independent house manager, controlling appliances and devices on its own. Equipped with various sensors and AI technologies, the robot can move around the house autonomously, switch off unused devices, and even act as a security guard. It can patrol the home, detect open windows or lights left on, and send notifications to the user’s smartphone. The robot can also take care of pets by monitoring unusual activities and alerting owners. Additionally, it can converse with users, analyze their emotions, and provide transportation details, weather updates, schedules, and reminders. LG’s AI robot will be showcased at CES 2024.

AI in HR: The Biased Potential of Artificial Intelligence Hiring

Although AI promises to mitigate bias in the hiring process, there are concerns about reproducing historical biases and potential algorithmic bias. However, experts argue that AI can provide humans with an opportunity to reflect on their own biases by questioning machine decisions. Despite this potential, a Talent Index report reveals that 59% of job seekers have already noticed AI being used in the recruitment process. To combat bias, organizations should consider self-regulation and asking AI vendors questions about customization, debiasing algorithms, and data usage. HR professionals and hiring managers can start by implementing AI in lower-risk processes to build confidence in its potential for reducing bias.

Loneliness and AI: Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’ Predicted the Loneliness Epidemic

Spike Jonze’s 2013 film “Her” explores the relationship between a lonely protagonist and an AI operating system named Samantha. The film accurately predicted many aspects of the future, particularly in terms of AI and its impact on society. In the present, cities are filled with tall skyscrapers that symbolize the loneliness felt by individuals. The rise of technology has contributed to the ‘Loneliness Epidemic’, with people finding themselves isolated in a world of advanced gadgets. However, AI itself has become a potential solution to the loneliness problem. Although “Her” may not perfectly depict the capabilities of AI, it serves as a warning for the potential dystopia that could arise from a world consumed by technology.


AI Tackles Climate Change

AI is rapidly becoming a powerful tool in the fight against climate change. From preventing wildfires through controlled burns to detecting methane leaks and locating critical minerals needed for renewable energy technology, AI is being utilized by companies and researchers to develop innovative climate solutions. In the case of controlled burns, AI-powered intelligent assistants are being developed to provide burn managers with vital data on weather patterns, vegetation, and topography to ensure that controlled fires stay safe. Furthermore, AI is used to analyze big data sets to identify potential mining locations for essential minerals. Additionally, AI is helping track methane emissions daily, supporting efforts to reduce this potent greenhouse gas.

Apple Unleashes Ferret: The Conversational GenAI for Vision-Language Tasks

Apple has surprised the tech world by releasing Ferret, an open-source multimodal AI model capable of engaging in nuanced textual conversations about images. Developed by Apple and Cornell University researchers, Ferret combines computer vision and natural language processing to identify objects, ground textual concepts, and have rich, multi-turn conversations about visual content. This move marks Apple’s entrance into open-source AI development and sets the stage for advancements in intelligent multimodal systems. With Ferret’s open-source release, Apple aims to foster collaboration, promote innovation, and ensure transparency in AI research. The future of Ferret includes expanding to other modalities, enhancing common sense reasoning, and incorporating it into Apple products.

AI Takes Over: Lessons Learned from 2023

The events of 2023 have taught us valuable lessons about the rapid advancement of technology, the decline of deterrence, the cyclical nature of conflict, and the importance of effective governance. One significant lesson is that AI has proven to be a transformative force in various fields much faster than anticipated. Experts even predict that AI could surpass human capabilities in less than a decade. On the other hand, the ineffectiveness of deterrence, illustrated by conflicts involving Israel and Ukraine, highlights the limitations of relying on deterrence to maintain peace. This challenges the notion that the world is becoming more peaceful, suggesting that cyclical theories of peace and conflict may need revisiting. Moreover, the shortcomings of governance mechanisms have been exposed, particularly in the response to crises and substantial issues within universities, revealing the dire need for improved governance.

AI Takes Over the World: A Year in Numbers

In the year 2023, AI captured the world’s attention, revolutionizing multiple industries and impacting everyday lives. From the launch of ChatGPT, an AI chatbot used by millions worldwide, to Nvidia reaching a market cap of $1.2 trillion due to the demand for AI features, the numbers tell an incredible story. Major tech companies pledged to abide by AI safeguards set by the Biden administration, assuring safer and more secure advancements. With Microsoft investing $10 billion in OpenAI and the largest-ever seed round raised by Mistral, AI startups gained significant financial support. Meanwhile, Amazon and Google combined their investments in AI company Anthropic, further fueling the competition. Though AI was extensively discussed, its adoption rate in everyday business operations remains relatively low. Nevertheless, the year had its share of surprises, including Sam Altman’s swift firing and rehiring as the CEO of OpenAI.

The Rise of Ambient AI: When AI Becomes Virtually Invisible

AI is no longer limited to futuristic scenarios or complex problem-solving. It is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives, seamlessly integrated into our work and activities behind the scenes. While controversial applications of AI have garnered attention, the true potential lies in using AI for mundane, low-risk tasks. Companies are developing AI assistants that will augment professionals’ work, making their tasks more efficient without them even realizing they are using AI. Ambient AI is set to automate time-consuming tasks in various industries, allowing businesses to focus on user needs. As AI evolves, it is becoming virtually invisible, working effortlessly in the background and affecting how we operate without us even noticing.

When AI Birds Take Flight: The Rise of Artificially Generated Bird Images

A surge in AI-generated bird images, such as the popular “Santa cardinal,” is sweeping the internet and social media. These photorealistic fantasies are often mistaken for real birds due to their convincing appearance, leading to viral sensations. The popularity of birds on social media has spawned unethical behaviors, including baiting owls for action shots and passing off edited or stuffed animal photos as real. AI has further facilitated the creation of fake bird content, flooding the internet and confusing users. However, tools like deepfake video detectors and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Macaulay Library can help identify real bird species and combat the spread of AI-generated images. Despite the allure of AI, the abundance of naturally stunning real-life birds makes the need for fabrications unnecessary. 

From Digital Confidants to Powerful Tools: The Rise of Large Language Models in 2023

The article explores the surge in popularity and significance of Large Language Models (LLMs), a fundamental component of AI. LLMs like GPT-3.5, Claude, and Gemini are transforming the AI landscape, offering versatile language understanding and generation capabilities. The article highlights the top LLMs available and their unique features, including GPT’s integration into platforms like Copilot, Claude’s ethical AI behavior framework, and Gemini’s multimodal abilities. It also mentions Meta’s restructured Responsible AI team and the anticipation for Llama 3. The article concludes with the top LLMs for work and fun, highlighting Bloom, Mistral 7B, Nous Hermes 2 – Yi-34B, Dolphin, and WizardLM.




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