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Plus The Battle Of The Artificial Girlfriends

Biden AI Robocall Discourages Voters in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire attorney general’s office is investigating reports of an AI-powered robocall that impersonated President Joe Biden’s voice to dissuade voters from participating in the state’s primary election. The robocall mimicked Biden’s phrases and urged listeners to save their vote for the November election. Although this AI fake is easily identifiable, it raises concerns about the potential chaos AI could create in future elections.

OpenAI’s GPT Store Battles the Invasion of Artificial Girlfriends

OpenAI’s GPT Store, known for its custom AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT, is struggling with the influx of GPTs designed to simulate romantic companionship. These “AI girlfriends” violate OpenAI’s usage policies, which forbid GPTs dedicated to fostering romantic relationships. Despite the ban, the GPT Store continues to be plagued by various types of artificial girlfriends engaging in inappropriate conversations. Although OpenAI’s actions remain unclear, it is anticipated that non-educational GPTs focused on romantic companionship will eventually be removed from the platform.

Sam’s Club Introduces AI to Streamline Checkout Experience

Sam’s Club is revolutionizing the checkout process by introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) scanners at exits. The AI technology will use cameras to scan cart contents and cross-reference them with receipts, eliminating the need for clerks to check receipts manually. This move aims to enhance speed, address customer complaints, and reduce shrinkage. Sam’s Club plans to deploy the AI scanners in all 600 of its stores by the end of the year, putting them at the forefront of innovation in the retail industry.

The Transformative Power of AI: Becoming Healthier and More Human

This thought-provoking piece explores how AI can enhance and improve our lives in two ways: by helping us adopt healthier habits for better overall health and by deepening our spiritual and mental well-being. The article highlights AI’s potential to personalize coaching, providing customized support for daily habits that promote good health. Furthermore, it proposes that AI can assist in connecting us to our spiritual essence, providing inspiration and guidance for personal growth. Ultimately, the article emphasizes the importance of shaping AI to align with our aspirations and values, making us both healthier and more human.

Breaking Barriers: US Military Advances AI-Enabled Autonomy for Low-Cost Attack Drones

Recent breakthroughs in the Pentagon have paved the way for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in autonomous weapons, particularly low-cost attack drones. The US Navy and Air Force have demonstrated the potential of AI-enabled systems in detecting and countering enemy crafts, while also addressing challenges such as smuggling and interference with international shipping. Additionally, the Pentagon aims to establish international norms for responsible military AI development by garnering support from partner nations. These advancements highlight the significance of multi-national collaborations in ensuring global security from emerging weapons technologies.

Consumer Demand for Transparency: Survey Reveals Growing Need for AI Disclosure

A recent survey conducted by Zetwerk indicates that the majority of American consumers want companies to disclose their use of AI. The report found that 68% of consumers believe companies should voluntarily disclose their AI usage, with 59% stating that it should be legally mandated by the government. Privacy concerns, distrust in AI’s perfection, and worries about data security were cited as reasons behind this demand. The survey also revealed specific industries where consumers prioritize AI disclosure, such as healthcare, workplace health and safety monitoring, and financial services. The study also showed varying opinions based on political affiliation. Link to the full study:

The Rush for AI: Tech Giants and Governments Band Together to Boost AI Infrastructure

The global demand for AI infrastructure is skyrocketing, leading to an alliance between tech giants, chipmakers, and governments. This surge in what’s being called the “AI industrial complex” aims to address the shortage of advanced microprocessors necessary for generative AI systems. Companies like Meta and OpenAI are stockpiling Nvidia chips, while efforts to build chip factories on American soil and produce AI models in various languages are underway. The dependence on Taiwan’s chip factories is seen as a potential vulnerability, especially amid rising tensions with China. Overall, this push for AI infrastructure highlights the growing importance and race to secure advanced technology.

AI’s Brain Vs. Human Brain: Who’s Smarter?

AI experts weigh in on whether artificial intelligence has already surpassed human intelligence in certain tasks. While some believe that AI can outsmart humans in performing intellectual but repetitive tasks, others argue that more complex tasks involving human nature and decision-making still require extensive training and computation. The article explores the predictions and concerns surrounding AI’s potential to outsmart humans and how it may impact society in the future.




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