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Plus, is your AI watching you? Probably.

AI Doesn’t Kill Jobs, It Just Changes Them

A new study by the McKinsey Global Institute finds that the last AI boom did not lead to widespread job losses. Instead, it led to the creation of new jobs and the reskilling of workers. The study also found that AI is likely to have a similar impact in the future, creating new opportunities for workers while also displacing some jobs.

AI in Education: The Future Is Inevitable, But Some Students Will Be at a Disadvantage

The use of AI in education is on the rise, and it is likely to become even more widespread in the years to come. However, not all students will benefit from AI in the same way. Some students, such as those from disadvantaged backgrounds, may be at a disadvantage if they do not have access to the same AI-powered educational resources as other students.

Chatbots Revolutionize Language Learning: AI Becomes the New Classroom Companion

AI-based chatbots like ChatGPT have been increasingly utilized for language learning, offering region-specific variations, immediate corrections, and convenience beyond time zones. Developers are launching language-focused apps, like LangAI, that enable learners to practice in a judgement-free environment and engage in personally interesting conversations. The technology can tailor language complexity, correct mistakes, and convert speech to text. Although AI is still imperfect, especially for underrepresented languages, it is gaining traction as an effective tool for vocabulary and grammar development. Critics highlight the potential for bias and inappropriate language acquisition. However, proponents see the technology as an essential future educational tool, with human teachers serving as facilitators and mentors.

AI is Facing a Discrimination Problem in Banking

A new report by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK found that AI is facing a discrimination problem in banking. The report found that AI-powered lending models are more likely to discriminate against certain groups of people, such as women and ethnic minorities. The FCA is calling on banks to take steps to address this problem.

The Next Battleground in the US-China Tech War: Generative AI

The US and China are engaged in a tech war, and generative AI is one of the latest battlegrounds. Generative AI is a type of AI that can create new content, such as text, images, and videos. The US and China are both investing heavily in generative AI, and it is likely to be a key technology in the future.

Google’s Duet AI Can Generate Custom Templates in Google Sheets

Google has announced a new AI-powered feature for Google Sheets called Duet. Duet can generate custom templates for Google Sheets based on a user’s data. For example, Duet can generate a template for a monthly budget based on a user’s income and expenses.

Panel: Generative AI Is Being Deployed as Surveillance Devices

A panel of experts has warned that generative AI is being deployed as surveillance devices. Generative AI can be used to create fake images and videos that look real. This could be used to create fake news or to track people’s movements. The panel is calling for regulation of generative AI to prevent its misuse.

YouTube’s AI Can Now Dub Videos Aloud

YouTube has announced a new AI-powered feature that can dub videos aloud. The feature, called “YouTube AI Dubbing,” uses AI to create a text-to-speech transcript of a video. The transcript is then used to create a dubbed version of the video. The feature is currently available in a limited number of languages.

NCAA Athlete Claims She Was Scolded by AI Over Message About Women’s Sports

An NCAA athlete has claimed that she was scolded by AI over a message she sent about women’s sports. The athlete, who asked not to be named, said that she sent a message to the NCAA’s AI chatbot about the lack of media coverage of women’s sports. The chatbot responded by saying that women’s sports are not as popular as men’s sports and that the media is not obligated to cover them. The athlete said that she was disappointed by the chatbot’s response and that it showed a lack of understanding of the importance of women’s sports.

Google Launches Anti-Money Laundering AI After Successful HSBC Trial

Google has launched an anti-money laundering AI after a successful trial with HSBC. The AI uses machine learning to identify suspicious financial transactions. The AI was able to identify 99% of suspicious transactions in the HSBC trial. Google is now offering the AI to other financial institutions.

Women’s Employment at Risk as AI Disrupts Jobs

A new study by CNN found that women’s employment is at risk as AI disrupts jobs. The study found that women are more likely to be employed in occupations that are at risk of automation, such as customer service and administrative roles. The study also found that women are less likely to have the skills needed for high-paying jobs in the AI economy.




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