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Today’s top AI news highlights the increasing influence of AI in various fields such as finance, transportation, healthcare, and education. AI’s potential in boosting market gains, diagnosing diseases with high accuracy, and personalizing education for special needs students is noteworthy. However, with the approval of the EU AI Act, the discussion around the need for regulation and its potential impact on innovation has come to the forefront.

  1. AI Could Boost Stocks 15% Per Year: Legendary investor Paul Tudor Jones believes that AI-driven productivity will help ease inflation and offer an average of 15% gains for the stock market per year. He emphasized AI as the most important technology since the internet and its growing impact across industries source.
  2. Soars on Raised Guidance: Shares of AI software provider,, rose by more than 20% after raising its guidance for the full year. The company now expects a revenue of $255 million to $260 million for the full year, indicating growing demand for AI software source.
  3. UK Launches First Ever AI Bus: The UK has launched its first autonomous bus, operated by First Bus. Currently, it is running on a 1.5-mile route in Greenwich, London. Although in the early stages of development, the bus is equipped with sensors and cameras for autonomous navigation source.
  4. AI Accurately Detects Cancer: A recent study found that AI can diagnose skin cancer with an accuracy of 95%, comparable to the accuracy of dermatologists (97%). The AI algorithm analyzed images of skin lesions in the study source.
  5. AI Learning for Students with Autism: AI has been found effective in personalizing learning for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). An AI-powered learning platform identified the strengths and weaknesses of each student and provided them with targeted instruction, thereby improving their academic performance source.
  6. EU Approves AI Act: The European Parliament approved the EU AI Act, a significant move towards regulating AI in the West. The act sets parameters for AI platforms and includes a list of “unacceptable risk applications”. Concerns have been raised about potential slowing of innovation due to increased regulation source.


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